Saturday, 12 May 2012

recent developments

I have been collecting wood from a farm for the wood kiln. this involved driving 30 minutes out to a 100 acre farm, cutting trees with the chain saw and then splitting before stacking the trailer and driving home. Three trips in the day and then further splitting and stacking the next day, I have a reasonable stack of split wood now drying beside the kiln. With autumn and the rain on the way it was good timing. The weather gets colder by the day.
The planning for the next trip to Vanuatu is well on the way, now looking at leaving on the 19th of july and returning on the 5th August. I am slowly collecting resources and am currently wanting to collect old "unlocked" mobile phones that I can take and leave with people out there. so If anyone can ask their friends and send them on to me I would be most grateful. Always trying to do that little extra bit of fundraising as well. There is the need for a solar pannel and led lights for the pottery in SW Bay so that some work can be done at night. I can get a good system in Port Vila for around $500 Australian.

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